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Lash envy is a real thing and something many of us experience on a daily basis.  "What mascara are you using?", "How did you get your lashes to curl like that?", and "Why are my lashes falling out?"  are all questions that plague us on a daily basis.  But, don't fret anymore because with a few easy steps, every person can achieve the lashes of their dreams.

Let these 10 steps take you to healthier-looking and longer-looking lashes that will be the envy of every eye.

1. Never Sleep in Mascara - Never ever, no exceptions.  Your lashes need oxygen and moisture breaks after the drying effects of mascara.  So, be kind, give them what they need, and then sleep peacefully.

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2. Avoid Scrubbing your Lashes - The less tugging on those fragile hairs, the better.  Use a highly efficient eye makeup remover to ensure easy makeup removal without lash casualties.

3. Use Waterproof Mascara sparingly - Waterproof mascara is just mascara with heavy-hitting drying properties.  Remember the oxygen and moisture need of your lashes?  Well this is defcon five on your lashes' basic needs.  So, on special occasions, go for it.  Otherwise, leave the waterproof mascara on the shelf.

4. Stick to Two or Less Coats - Every time a new coat of mascara is applied, your lashes are further coated in oxygen deprivation and heavy product, stiffening and drying out your lashes a little more.  Two coats are fine and can give you that extra boost in volume.  But, after that, you risk weak and brittle lashes.

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5. Curl Lashes before Mascara - This cardinal rule tends to be forgotten until a chunk of lashes is missing.  But, take it from us, nothing will ruin your day like your lashes getting caught on a sticky eyelash curler.

6. Heat Curl Your Lashes - On that same note, all of that added pressure on your lashes from a manual eyelash curler is also not so great.  Consider investing in a heated eyelash curler to avoid curling damage.

7. Let Your Diet Help Your Lashes - Eating foods that are high in Vitamins B7, A, and C will improve the appearance of all hair on your body.  So, be sure to indulge on those leafy greens, eggs, sweet potatoes, and other hair-loving food.

8. Stop Rubbing Your Eyes - Although it is tempting multiple times a day, just avoid it.  Every part of your eye and around your eye can potentially be harmed by this practice.

9. Update Your Eye Makeup Regularly - You should be updating your eye makeup like you would update your social media accounts.  Outdated mascara can hold large amounts of bacteria which can cause dangerous eye infections.  So, every 2-3 months, play it safe and get a new tube of mascara.

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10. Give Your Lashes the Hydration and Nutrients They Deserve - Your lashes need moisture and nutrients to stay flexible, springy, and luscious.  neuLASH® lash enhancing serum will give your lashes all of the nourishment and moisture they need to stop the show, drop jaws, and turn heads.  Get your neuLASH® at skinresearchlabs.com today and complete the perfect cycle of lash happiness.