Candy hearts, kisses, and hugs should make for one sweet month. Yet, February is not always all it's cracked up to be. Through all the sugar, flowers and proclamations of love for others you sometimes forget the most important person––you. With love in the air, we feel like it is a great time to encourage a kind of love that is not as common or prioritized as the others - the love for yourself. So, sit back, put your feet up and get ready to start loving yourself more with these five tips.

Smiling woman in grey button down shirt looking at the camera.1. Practice a little more grace. Perfection is an impossible practice. Every day, every person makes mistakes. In fact, you would be surprised to know that most of us make many mistakes in a day. We are imperfect in nature, but we are so quick to be hard on ourselves when we make mistakes. From today on, practice a little grace in your life. You deserve to have your kindness and tolerance. It is not selfish, impractical, or foolish and in fact, is the perfect way to handle your imperfections.

2. Forgive yourself. We don’t know what you did to offend yourself or let yourself down, but it is time to forgive yourself. Holding onto anger for yourself never fixes anything. In fact, not only are you hindering progress in loving yourself, but you are continuing to second guess yourself in any situation related to your wrong-doing. You have to free yourself from your own anger and today is a great day to do it. So, forgive yourself.

3. You matter. This sentiment is not just a great quote on the wall of your school’s bathroom. It is true. You matter to the world. Your impact is far greater and complex than you could ever know. Your actions, words and even existence has created far-reaching waves that cannot be squashed, stopped or changed. These waves connect you to the human race in a unique and valuable way, and no matter how small or insignificant you feel, your life means way more than you know to so many. Frankly, you matter.

Men wearing a charcoal cardigan, looking directly at the camera with a look of confidence.4. Change your focus. It is not all about you. You matter greatly as we explained above but remember that you are part of the human race and as such, have a responsibility to lift others as well as yourself. When we are so busy battling with ourselves, we miss countless opportunities to love and encourage others. But, when we are so busy lifting others up, we miss countless opportunities to negatively pick ourselves apart, and we gain new perspective to help us see ourselves and our potential more clearly.

5. Love Yourself. Loving yourself requires action. It requires you to actively adore yourself and take care of yourself as you would anything that you love. Show your love for yourself every day by seeing your beauty, your potential and your quirks in a new, rose-colored way. Go ahead, fall in love with yourself again.

So, celebrate the month after love by mending your relationship with the most Smiling woman with grey glasses and a pink silk blouse, smiling at the camera.important person in your life – you. At Skin Research Laboratories®, we believe in enhancing the lives of others and helping every person realize the love they have for themselves. We believe that great lashes, brows and skin will elevate and empower every person and help them express their love for themselves. So, go ahead, build back up your relationship with yourself and change the world for the better, blind to your own potential no more.