A Festive Fall

Whether fall brings you nostalgia or just the chills, we all have to admit that the change in wea
Pumpkin with its seeds being removed by a woman.ther and foliage brings about new opportunities and fun events that are unique to the Autumn season. With pumpkin and spice being the theme of many a dessert and drink and cozy sweaters being the style, we can’t help enjoying a new reality that takes place for a small part of the year.

Whether you are timid about loving the fall season or an avid autumnal enthusiast, as soon as the first leaf turns orange, here are some great ways to spend your fall season.

-Get lost in a corn or straw maze.
-Have some fun with amateur photography by taking pictures of the different colors of autumn.
-Find your favorite pumpkin recipe and make it with friends and family.
A hand reaching down to pick up apples on a trail.

-Hold a pumpkin carving contest.
-Find a nearby hayride for a night out.
-Decorate indoors and outdoors for the fall season.
-Collect fall leaves to press in a book or a journal.
-Find a good book and hunker down in a cozy place indoors and read.
-Go apple picking.
-Enjoy pumpkin spice hot drinks after a walk in the park.
-Go shopping to replenish your fall wardrobe.

With so many fun fall activities waiting for you, find the extra time you need by
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