Christmas is fast approaching, and as it gets closer, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the many tasks that still need to be completed.  Below are some great tips to help you feel the most comfort and joy this holiday season.

-If you are traveling, try to get your packing done early.  Last-minute packing creates a higher chance of forgetting something and having unneeded stress. Gifts and milk set in snow with a wooden background.

-If you have kids, be sure that you are prepared for all of your Christmas Eve traditions such as reindeer food, milk and cookies for Santa, etc.

-Be sure you are stocked up on the basic cooking ingredients: eggs, sugar, butter, flour, etc.

-Pick up a couple inexpensive and generic gifts to have on-hand in case you forgot someone and need a gift last-minute.

-Get a gift for your delivery man and mailman.

Now make your final list of holiday to-do’s and check it twice.  Once you have done that, take part in a new Christmas tradition that will last longer than fruitcake or eggnog.  Pull out
The Complexion Kit box laying in a Christmas tree. your Complexion Kit by Skin Research Laboratories® and bask in a relaxing skincare routine that will put you in the perfect jolly mood to conquer anything that comes your way during your Christmas celebration.

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