A Simple Escape

Sometimes the best remedy for a hectic week is spending some time at a spa or
A desk with leaves around it. The word "Relax" is written in chalk on the wood.
salon, relaxing and pampering yourself.  But what if that elusive spa night never seems to happen? What if you are constantly dreaming about a night of relaxation that doesn’t work out?  Well, it is time for the perfect night out to become a reality as the perfect night in. That simple escape is waiting and all it takes is a little creativity.

Here are some simple ways to make that spa night into a reality without leaving your own home.

-Purchase a fuzzy or silky bathrobe that is dedicated to spa nights.  That way, every time you pull it out, it feels like a special pampering experience.
-Splurge on a manicure and pedicure set that can be reused multiple times.
-Turn on the soothing tunes.

-Pull out your favorite nail polish colors and hydrating body lotion.

-Light aromatherapy candles that put you in a relaxing mood.

Three women in bathrobes lying on bed together smiling at the camera.-Turn off your phone - no seriously, completely off.

-Invite a couple of friends over to make it into a more social gathering, if desired.

-Pull out your Complexion Kit from Skin Research Laboratories® to take care of all of your facial skincare needs.

-Make a refreshing drink like cucumber water to complete the spa experience.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get the escape you need to be refreshed and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.