Have you ever felt trapped by the very air surrounding you?  If you live in a large city, you probably feel this often. Viewing the smog out of your window, have you considered the negative effects it must have on your body?  Pollution is becoming a key discussion in skincare today as scientists and specialists try to find ways to combat the negative effects that pollution is having on our skin.  Pollution infiltrating a city. The words, "Fighting the omnipresent enemy" are superimposed on top.

A common result of pollution are free radicals in your skin.  Free radicals is not just a bad rock band name, they are uncharged molecules that have unpaired electrons.  When these free radicals are in your skin, they will take electrons from your cells, causing damage to the DNA, proteins, cell membranes, or other parts of the cell.  This destructive process, called oxidation, can lead to a prematurely aged appearance and other tissue damage.

To combat these destructive molecules, skincare experts found that antioxidants could neutralize free radicals by giving up one of their electrons, instead.  Thank you antioxidants. But, how do you get the antioxidants you need in your skin to avoid the destruction caused by free radicals?

Skin Research Laboratories® addresses the pollution problem with a brand-new kit designed to enhance your complexion.  The Complexion Kit includes a complexion The Complexion Kit Skincare Routine Box sitting on a stone bench.perfecting polish and two innovative dry masks which utilize antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E and Canadian Willowherb to help reduce the appearance of common signs of pollution in your skin.  

So, it is time to stop feeling claustrophobic and trapped by an unseen enemy.  Go out confidently, armed and ready to conquer many of the negative effects of pollution on your skin.