Looking for that perfect gift this holiday season?  Look no further. Our comprehensive gift guide has something for everyone.  Learn more about our new and limited edition kits below.  

The Appearance Kit box with its contents standing next to it.APPEARANCE KIT
Give the gift of luscious lashes, perfectly shaped brows, and a beautifully smooth complexion this holiday season with our brand new Appearance Kit. This kit combines an old favorite with new technology to create the perfect beauty-enhancing trifecta. Get the perfect, show-stopping gift this holiday season without compromising your wallet or your time and give the ones you love the perfect opportunity to enhance some of their favorite beauty features.


















The Complexion Kit box with its contents standing to the left of it.COMPLEXION KIT
Deck the halls with relaxation and a convenient, effective skincare routine this holiday season. Let advanced technology and extreme moisture direct your gift-giving journey, giving your loved ones the gift of beautiful skin and a skincare routine that will transform their current routines forever. If your goal is to get that gift that will turn heads, cause excitement, and be loved long after the unwrapping is done, this nutrient-rich polish and these reusable, completely DRY masks are the perfect option.

Beauty on the Go Mini Kit with its contents standing next to it.BEAUTY ON THE GO TRAVEL KIT
Looking for the perfect companion to the candy cane and orange in your stocking? The Beauty on the Go Kit will fit into your stocking perfectly and then into your purse, carry-on luggage, briefcase, or even your office desk after. Life is hectic, but your beauty routine doesn’t have to be. This kit is the gift of convenience, time preservation, and freedom. Let these travel-sized, powerful formulas be your generous gesture this holiday season as you keep moving, keep living, and never slow down.