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History's Eye Appeal

Trends help to shape history. Telling the story of the culture, the social movements, and even the general mindsets of 
people, trends can help us look back and learn about the historical significance of the different ways we have expressed ourselves. From parachute pants to side ponytails to piercings, every trend tells a story. 

Eye makeup has been a notable trend during the last century. Working as a commentary of the times, eye makeup reflects the feminine mindset during World War II, the glam movements of the
fifties, and even the social media influence of the last ten years.

Although the current or past eye makeup trends may have not appealed to you, there is no denying that every time we put on our eye makeup, we make a statement. Whether it is to be bold, be on-trend, or just to look darn good, our eye makeup tells a story.


Watch this video by Allure, showing “100 Years of Eyes.”

Keep telling your story through your eye makeup, and try neuLASH® lash enhancing serum on your journey of self-expression.