Every start of a new season seems like a good time to do some extra cleaning that we have neglected since, well, the last seasonal cleaning. Even though we would all rather be out enjoying the last remnants of summer, the best way to spend a great fall day will be doing some smart and much-needed cleaning. Below are some good ideas to help you with your fall cleaning.

Don’t procrastinate your outside cleaning. There is no guarantee that nice weather
A cup of coffee sitting on a table next to a stack of firewood.will stick around, and mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or cleaning out annual flower beds is far more pleasant in the warmth than in the cold.

Pack up your summer clothes to make room for your cute cold weather outfits.

When colder weather hits, many of us tend to spend more time indoors. With that in mind, be sure to declutter your main living areas to help reduce the feelings of claustrophobia and “cabin fever” from being cooped up inside more often.

Clean all of your heating vents to avoid bad smells and fire risks once the heat is turned on.

Get your coats and sweaters dry cleaned in front of the cold weather.

Clean out your garage (if needed) to ensure that your vehicle can be parked indoors during the colder season.

Be sure to also prepare for the dry, cold weather by stocking up on the Skin Research Laboratories® Complexion Kit, a complete skincare system designed to
The Complexion Kit sitting next to a white tree.give you the moisture your skin needs to weather out the colder months.

Cleaning is probably one of the most dreaded tasks there is, but if done right, it can leave you with more time for family, friends, and just relaxing. So, pull out your rubber gloves and garbage bags and get your fall cleaning started today.