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A Guide to Christmas Cheer

Christmas is fast approaching, and as it gets closer, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the many tasks that still need to be completed.  Below are some great tips to help you feel the most comfort and joy this holiday season.-If you are traveling, try to get your packing...

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Gift Guide 2018 - New and Limited Edition Kits

ENHANCE THOSE SMILES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Looking for that perfect gift this holiday season?  Look no further. Our comprehensive gift guide has something for everyone.  Learn more about our new and limited edition kits below.   APPEARANCE KITGive the gift of luscious lashes, perfectly shaped brows, and a beautifully smooth complexion this...

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A Simple Escape

Sometimes the best remedy for a hectic week is spending some time at a spa orsalon, relaxing and pampering yourself.  But what if that elusive spa night never seems to happen? What if you are constantly dreaming about a night of relaxation that doesn’t work out?  Well, it is time...

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The New Bedtime Routine

Feeling sleep-deprived seems to be an un-ending epidemic in the world today. With so many distractions and pressing things on our minds, counting sheep just isn’t cutting it anymore. It is time for a new bedtime ritual - one that leaves us feeling ready for a full night’s sleep and...

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