The Brow Revolution

Being cursed with thick, bushy eyWoman with a blond ponytail staring at the camera looking fierce. ebrows as a child in the nineties meant hours of tweezing and maintenance to keep my eyebrows thin and stylish.  I remember being so envious of the woman with naturally thin or slow-growing brows. “They have it so nice,” I thought. “They don’t have to worry about endless tweezing and always having dark, thick eyebrows.”  

This struggle continued into the 2000’s, where as a teenager, I was starting to figure out how to groom my own brows (having little success).  The great beauties of Blond-haired woman with guitar staring at the camera.this era still kept their brows thin but added in beautiful arches. I would watch movies like Mean Girls or A Walk to Remember and see perfectly manicured, thin brows that just reminded me of my own inferior, thick, bushy brows.  Needless to say, this era did not fit my brows at all.

Then came the glorious 2010’s, and my brow revolution finally began.  Now, as an adult, I finally had the budget and know-how to really groom my brows, but I didn’t have to do much.  Finally, thanks to trendsetters like Cara Delevingne, natural, thick brows became all the rage. MWoman in a white dress staring at the camera.y natural brows finally found their place in the world, and I was content.

Now in 2018, hitting the end of a thick brow decade, I wonder: what will be next?  What trend will take over the brow look next? Will bleached brows become the next big trend, or will thin lines come back?  

Whatever brow trend comes next, I am ready - ready to show off the best features of my brows and own the brows that work best for me.  

That is the true brow revolution.

Let neuBROW brow enhancing serum® help you to have the freedom to do your brows, your way, without compromise.  Start your brow revolution today.

Watch this great video by Allure to see the many brow trends through the ages.

About the Author: Jessica Saville is the Content Editor/Copywriter for Skin Research Laboratories®.