The Complexion Kit by Skin Research Laboratories® is different from anything you have probably tried before. The perfecting po
The Complexion Kit box sitting on rocks in front of a water fall.lish and unique dry masks will give you the best results when all of the instructions are followed. Below are the do’s and don’t’s of the new Complexion Kit.

DO start with the neuREFLECTION™ complexion perfecting polish.
DO apply a thin layer onto clean, wet skin or clean, dry skin.
DO gently massage in upward, circular motions taking care around the eyes.
DO NOT massage the polish aggressively on your skin.
DO leave on for up to five minutes.
DO NOT leave on for long periods of time.
DO rinse off with warm water.
DO NOT try to wipe off polish with a dry towel.
DO let your face air dry or towel dry after rinsing off the polish.

DO continue to the second part of the 2-part system by using the neuINFUSION™ dry masks.
DO slip on the dry face and neck masks with the printed side against the skin.
DO slip on the dry face mask by putting the upper and then lower portion of the mask over the ears, fitting snugly over the jawbone.
DO slip on the dry neck mask by securing mask over the ears and clasping the mask behind your neck.
DO NOT use either mask differently than intended.
DO massage both masks 3 to 4 times to activate treatment.
DO NOT add any water to the masks.
DO wear for 15 minutes.
DO remove masks and fold with printed side inward and put back in pouch for next use.
DO NOT rinse skin with water afterwards.
DO NOT wad up the mask or rinse it with water.

This 2-step system will give you the best results when you use it 2 consecutive days, every 10 days.

Now, go out and enjoy this new Kit like a pro, basking in your new radiant complexion.