Feeling sleep-deprived seems to be an un-ending epidemic in the world today. With
Woman who has fallen asleep at her desk with her head on a laptop.
so many distractions and pressing things on our minds, counting sheep just isn’t cutting it anymore. It is time for a new bedtime ritual - one that leaves us feeling ready for a full night’s sleep and less restless and keyed up. Below are some suggestions to help each of us achieve that perfect night’s sleep.

- Turn off the screens. Blue light from cell phones, laptops, and other electronics trick our mind into decreasing melatonin production, causing us to stay alert and awake longer.

- Start keeping a journal to fill with your unanswered questions, anxieties, and unresolved issues from the day. This is a great way to decompress and calm your mind.

A woman lying in bed sleeping with a pink sleep mask on her forehead. - Make your bed very comfortable and inviting with your preferred bedding and supportive mattress. Most people will spend more time in their beds than on any other piece of furniture, so it makes sense to invest in a high-quality, comfortable mattress.

- Achieve a state of relaxation by drinking a soothing tea or diffusing oils such as Lavender before bedtime.

- Be wary of foods with high levels of caffeine or other stimulants in the evening. Sometimes we exacerbate our bad sleep patterns by the food and drinks we have before bedtime.

Sleeping is a vital part of every person’s routine. When we get the right amount of sleep, our productivity, attitudes, and health improve. Skin Research Laboratories® understands this need and recognizes that a lengthy skincare routine is just taking away from valuable sleep time. To resolve this problem, they created their
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Skincare no longer has to monopolize your nightly routine. Let relaxation sink in instead, giving you the rest you need and deserve.