The New Face of Masks

Facial masks serve an important purpose in a good skincare routine. Working as a
neuINFUSION™ Dry Sheet Masks standing together with a mask draped over the top of them.concentrated, focused treatment, masks are an excellent option when a little extra nourishment or moisture is needed to invigorate and refresh your skin. But, sometimes using a facial mask can can be such a hassle that it outweighs any benefits that could be gleaned from its application.

With new technology, your hassles are over. The neuINFUSION™ DRY masks, part of Skin Research Laboratories® Complexion Kit, take the mess out of masks while still bringing you targeted moisture and nutrients in a more practical, easy-to-use way. These innovative masks require no water or copious amounts of product but still leave reservoirs of moisture and heavy-hitting nutrients on your skin for up to 8 hours.

A female chemist is working in her lab.Powered by advanced technology, neuINFUSION™ dry masks utilize lipidic Biomimetic MicroVectors™ which have been imprinted onto textile through a patented process. Creating a breakthrough delivery system, unique from any others, neuINFUSION™ allows for skin-loving ingredients to absorb into your skin for age-defying results.

Targeting your skin for instant renewal in just 15 minutes, this new mask will bring a new level of practicality and convenience to your regimen. It is time for facial masks to be the most relaxing, hassle-free, and effective part of your skincare routine.