As you check off the many parts of your vital skincare routine today, remember that
A fierce woman with red hair.there is one area that is commonly missed: the décolleté.  The neck, shoulders, and cleavage should be included in every good skincare routine. Below are some disadvantages to not utilizing a product specifically made for your décolleté area.

- Age can commonly be revealed by the state of the décolleté area.  
- The skin on our necks can be very sensitive, vividly showing even the smallest amount of irritation.
- Commonly, many people will spend a lot of time nourishing their facial complexion, leaving them with a radiant and refreshed face and a noticeably duller neck.

Treat your often overlooked décolleté area with some love. Skin Research Laboratories® has a new, unique décolleté mask which is completely dry. Yes, you
neuINFUSION™ Dry Sheet masks sitting in front of a waterfall.heard that right. A dry mask. Seems almost paradoxical, but trust us when we tell you, your décolleté will never look or feel better. This new mask in our Complexion Kit is an innovative, completely dry mask that brings you hydration without the water or the mess.  Powered by advanced technology and powerful ingredients, this DRY mask targets your skin for instant renewal in just 15 minutes. This breakthrough delivery system, infused with microparticles, allows for skin-loving ingredients to absorb into your skin for age-defying results.  Let this new take on a mask change your perspective of masks forever.