A New Skincare Routine

The need for good skin hydration never changes. But, with new technology, Skin Research Laboratories® is changing the face of a good skincare regimen. Their neuINFUSION™ dry masks for the neck and face and neuREFLECTION™ splashing into water.new Complexion Kit has been specially designed to instantly bring intense hydration and nourishment to the skin without any hassle or compromise. Made up of 2 dry masks and a perfecting polish, your skincare routine just got a whole lot simpler.

neuINFUSION™ Dry Masks (Face and Neck) - Powered by advanced technology and powerful ingredients, these completely dry face mask treatments target your skin for instant renewal in just 15 minutes. This breakthrough delivery system, infused with microparticles, allows for skin-loving ingredients to absorb into your skin for age-defying results.

neuREFLECTION™ complexion perfecting polish - Buff your way to a refined and radiant complexion with this revolutionary and luxuriously whipped facial polish that enhances skin’s healthy appearance and beauty long after you rinse.

It is time to enjoy immediate and lasting results, changing your perspective on great hydration.