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The Talk tv show spokeswomen are shown with a table that has neuLash and neuBrow products on it

// The Talk

neuLASH and neuBROW were featured on CBS' The Talk Must-Have Beauty products.

woman holding neuLash product

"I am quite addicted to this stuff and make sure I put this on every night. I had strangers and friends begin to compliment me on my lashes! My mom always talks about them when we see each other and wants to know how she can get lashes like this. I always suggest giving this a try."

// The Teacher Diva

person swiping through horizontally held iPad with neuLash shown on iPad display

"Eyelashes look plumper and fuller, and, since they get moisturized, they look a little glossy, too!"

// Katie Becker

Featured in #NoMirrorMakeup: Products So Foolproof You Don't Even Need a Mirror on

a hand is holding a phone with neuLash product displayed on the phone

neuLASH and neuBROW both have won the Readers Choice Award from the LAUNCHPAD Magazine.


2014 Readers Choice Award Winner
2015 Readers Choice Award Winner


2016 Readers Choice Award Winner

Refinery 29 website highlight of neuLASH® lash enhancing serum.

"I've used this serum for years faithfully, and everyone thinks I have lash extensions," says Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity. "I've even had a grandmother pull on my lashes at brunch from a booth over, asking if they were real!"


Bernadette Peter holding a mic wearing a black dress on a stage

“I’ve just discovered neuLash for my eyelashes and it makes my lashes look long and luxurious! This product really works!!”

// Bernadette Peters
Broadway Musical Star and Actress

World Bride magazine on wooden table top

"I have only been using this breakthrough product [neuHAIR] for 2 months, and the difference in the way my hair looks and feels is incredible. This foam-like formula is enriched with silk-aminio acids, biotin, sweet almond oil, and a powerful blend of polypeptides - all of which contribute to the appearance of fuller-looking, thicker, and stronger hair."

// Austen Parker
World Bride Magazine

trish with a star for the dot on the letter I

"I have to admit that neuLash and neuBrow serums exceed other brands of lash/brow enhancing products in sheer performance….I actually saw visible results on my clients and myself in less than a month when used as directed. My brows look healthy and shiny….the appearance of the lashes is long, full, and phenomenal looking!....the eye’s youthful natural beauty is enhanced…"

// Trish Gossett
Makeup Artist

neuRadiance moisturizer article found on the inside of a magazine

"The neuRADIANCE Instant Cell Exfoliator warms the skin when it's applied and cools after rinse off. Skin looks brighter and smoother even after the first use. Love this stuff."

// M-Magazine

magazine opened with neuBrow product shown

neuBROW was featured in the Hampton Bay store marketing literature on great makeup and cosmetic products.

// Hampton Bay

image of Hillary Duff wearing a red halter top dress posing in front of white back drop

“I also use eyelash and eyebrow serum…I use this eyebrow serum I get from Amazon called neuBROW. It helps because I don’t have a lot of brow hair, and I’m always penciling in.”

// Hillary Duff

Eylash Magazine on wooden table

neuLASH was featured in the Products Picks of the EYELASH magazine. They wrote “neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum contains hydrating sodium hyaluronate to enhance softness, elasticity and shine. Bioengineered peptides, essential fatty acidrich pumpkin seed extract and panthenol nourish and strengthen. Extension-friendly.”

// Eyelash Magazine