Common Questions


Q: What should I do if I get neuLASH/neuBROW or neuHAIR in my eyes?

A: Rinse the eye with plenty of water. Consult your physician if irritation from direct contact occurs and persists.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: Efficacy tests indicate that it takes approximately 30 days to achieve more luxurious lashes and 60 days to achieve the appearance of healthier, more beautiful-looking brows, 8 weeks before seeing a noticeable improvement in the appearance of hair. 

Q: Will I get better results using neuLASH/neuBROW or neuHAIR more than the suggested application?

A: No.  A single daily application is all that is needed of neuLASH and neuHAIR and twice a day application of neuBROW. Additional applications are not recommended.

Q: What if I forgot to apply neuLASH/neuBROW or neuHAIR?

A: Simply apply the next morning or night, but keep in mind that a consistent routine is key to faster results.

Q: Is neuLASH/neuBROW safe to put near my eyes?

A: Yes.  It has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested and found to be safe and non-irritating.  However, as with any cosmetic, some individuals may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients.  Discontinue use and consult your physician immediately if you suspect that you may be having an allergic reaction.

Q: I’m pregnant. Is neuLASH/neuBROW and neuHAIR safe for me?

A: Our products have not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women.  Please consult your doctor before using.

Q: Can I use neuLASH/neuBROW if I wear contact lenses?

A: Yes, our products are ophthalmologist tested and found to be safe and non-irritating, making it suitable for contact lens wearers.

Q: Can I wear makeup with neuLASH/neuBROW?

A: Yes.  For best results, allow product to dry before applying makeup.

Q: Can I use neuLASH if I have eyelash extensions?

A: Yes. neuLASH is suitable to use with eyelash extensions.  It helps nourish and enhance your natural lashes without affecting the condition of the extensions.

Q: Can I use neuBROW if my eyebrows are tattooed?

A: Yes. neuBROW is a wonderful blend of nourishing ingredients suitable for tattooed eyebrows.

Q: Is neuLASH/neuBROW and neuHAIR suitable for men?

A: Yes.  The clear, transparent formula of neuLASH and neuBROW is designed for both women and men. neuHAIR may be used on men as well, however we have not tested neuHAIR on men and therefore, cannot guarantee men will have the same results as women. Women's hair issues are different than men's.

Q: My skin tingles when I apply neuLASH/neuBROW. Is that normal?

A: For some, a mild tingling sensation may occur and should diminish with use – apply every other day if this occurs.  Please discontinue use and consult your physician if tingling persists or is associated with redness or irritation.

Q: When should I stop using neuLASH/neuBROW?

A: Continue using neuLASH and neuBROW to maintain the healthy appearance of your lashes and brows.  Once desired results are achieved, every other day application will maintain your look and continue to condition.

Q: Can I use neuHAIR while using hair growth products?

A:  Please consult with your physician

Q: Can I use neuHAIR if I have chemically treated hair (including hair color, bleach or perm)

A:  Yes. neuHAIR will invigorate the scalp and should not have an effect on chemically treated hair. We recommend using hair care products alongside neuHAIR that are specifically formulated for chemically treated hair to further help protect the hair.