Holiday wishes
really do come true

The new Flawless Brows and Lashes Collection for the holidays will ensure that your lash and brow dreams do come true. With three powerful products, this limited edition holiday collection of neuBROW & neuLASH fan favorites is not something you want to miss.

3 game changing
The neuBROW holiday gift set comes with three amazing products; neuBROW, neuLASH and neuBROW brow defining pen. All these products come wrapped in a beautiful blue bag.

neuLASH | 2ml

Helps enhance the appearance of fuller, longer, more luxurious looking lashes.

neuBROW | 6ml

Helps restore the youthful, bold apperance of brows.

neuBROW - brow defining pen | 6ml

In universally flattering, neutral brown tone that adds subtle definition or can be layered for depth and intensity.

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