You are beautiful, even when you don't feel it.

You are wise, even when you don't think it.

You are strong, even when you don't hear it.

You are confident, even when you can't see it.

Your beauty runs deeper than skin and wider than society's ideals.

So, next time you decide you're nobody, remember they can't take it.

Love yourself and put the critics on a shelf-you can do it.

-Author Unknown


Calling all humans. We are in desperate need of love in this world. Love for each other, and more importantly, love for ourselves. It is our fervent belief that when we can truly love ourselves, we can show a greater love to others. That is why, for the month of February, we want you to feel pampered and appreciated. At Skin Research Laboratories®, we believe all humans, no matter their body shape, skin color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, are beautiful. Stop looking down on yourself and measuring yourself against numbers. Rather, stare into your gloriously beautiful eyes and tell yourself that you are strong, confident, beautiful, and amazing. Make February the month you love yourself.

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