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brow enhancing pomade


neuCONTOUR™ brow enhancing pomade
neuCONTOUR™ brow enhancing pomade
neuCONTOUR™ brow enhancing pomade
neuCONTOUR™ brow enhancing pomade
neuCONTOUR™ brow enhancing pomade



brow enhancing pomade



neuCONTOUR™, serum-based, 3-in-1 brow enhancing pomade instantly defines and volumizes the appearance of brows while improving the weak appearance of eyebrows in just 4-6 weeks.

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Product Details

Express yourself with neuCONTOUR™. This serum-based, brow enhancing pomade combines universal color pigments, fiber, and the award-winning neuBROW brow enhancing serum® with an easy to use, specialized brow brush applicator into an all-in-one brow essential. The fiber-filled shades define and contour the look of your brows, instantly filling them in with buildable coverage and creating a look that is made for you. neuCONTOUR™ also coats your brows in brow-loving ingredients, treating them to all-day conditioning and enhancing, also helping you achieve thicker and fuller looking brows over time.

MORE THAN JUST  brow pomade


Apply neuCONTOUR™ to clean, dry brows with upward and outward strokes to contour and define your brows. Fill in and shape your brows using the precision tip. Allow to completely dry before continuing with your daily beauty routine. For more brow conditioning benefits, pair with neuBROW brow enhancing serum®. After morning application of neuBROW, allow brows to dry before applying neuCONTOUR™ brow enhancing pomade.



Brow enhancing pomade that not only gives instant color, styling, and volume, but conditions, strengthens, and enhances the appearance of natural brows for thicker and fuller looking brows in 4-6 weeks


  • Instantly define, fill-in, and volumize brow appearance
  • Style and hold brows in place all. day. long.
  • Boost strength, softness, and elasticity of brows
  • Condition and strengthen brows
  • Improve natural appearance of brows
  • Acts as daytime enhancer and booster for neuBROW


  • Safe for contact wearers
  • Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested
  • Free of DEA, parabens, tree nuts, gluten, retinol, phthalates, BHA/BHT, petroleum/mineral oil, fragrance, GMO, animal derived ingredients

More than just an

Sparse and over-plucked looking brows are a thing of the past with the neuCONTOUR™ application brush. Equipped with a precision tip to give you complete control over your brow look, your brows will never look better. Contour them and express who you are.

neuCONTOUR™ Brow enhancing pomade smears

contouring gel

  1. Universal Pigments

    From natural to bold, neuCONTOUR™ universal pigments have you covered. Choose from two buildable shades, light-medium or medium-dark to build your custom look.

  2. Long Wearing

    neuCONTOUR™ is your brows’ new best friend, clinging all day long for a look that doesn’t end. Apply in the morning and then let it work its magic.

  3. Fiber-Filled

    Featuring the softest, buildable fiber available, neuCONTOUR™ gives you everything you need to build your look! No itchiness, no hassle… just fuller-looking brows in one simple application.

  4. Instantly Fills and Contours

    neuCONTOUR™ will help you shape, style, and contour your brows, filling and holding them in place for an instant fuller and thicker brow appearance that will have heads turning.

  5. neuCONTOUR™ + neuBROW

    Cover your brows with neuBROW + neuCONTOUR™ each morning and one quick application of neuBROW at night for all-day, all-night enhancing benefits. This dynamic duo is your new go-to for dramatic brow results.

24/7 Brow Care

Keep your brow’mance fire burning 24/7/365 days a year

neuMASCARA™ and neuLASH® togther on blue background

Pair neuCONTOUR™ with neuBROW for an all-day, all-night brow enhancing system

Apply neuCONTOUR™ every morning after your morning application of neuBROW. Let neuBROW application dry before applying neuCONTOUR™. Then apply neuBROW on clean, neuCONTOUR™ free brows before you go to sleep for 24/7 brow conditioning.

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