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A New Skincare Routine

The need for good skin hydration never changes. But, with new technology, Skin Research Laboratories® is changing the face of a good skincare regimen. Their new Complexion Kit has been specially designed to instantly bring intense hydration and nourishment to the skin without any hassle or compromise. Made up of...

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Fighting the Hydration Battle

Why Hydrate?Water makes up about 60% of our bodies. It is used for hygiene, food preparation, physical activity, plant food, and for many more things. It is literally all around us. But, somehow, with so much hydration constantly in our lives, many of us still experience some form of dehydration....

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Conquer Your Beauty Routine

Life is hectic.  Whether you are the daring adventurer, the career pursuer, the timecard puncher, or the fearless home organizer, your life is constantly on the go.  With the new Limited Edition Beauty on the Go Mini Kit from Skin Research Laboratories®, you will be able to take your beauty-enhancing...

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A Small Act of Kindness

At Skin Research Laboratories®, we believe that improving the world we live in starts with a small act of kindness.  Sometimes the littlest gesture, a thoughtful word of encouragement, or even a breakfast burrito can lift spirits, save lives, and strengthen heroes.     In Shasta County, California, small acts of...

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Introducing the neuFUTURE

Skin Research Laboratories® is excited to bring you an enhanced, new look.  This fresh look brings new intensity to a timeless group of products. Packaging Design This new line of packaging includes a sturdy design, beautiful aesthetics, and easy-to-read text.  A special UV-coating of raised triangles gives every box a...

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