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The beauty must-haves to make all your holidays dreams come true

Brow Lover's Gift Set

Twenty-four hour brow care in seconds. Do not miss $30 off this limited edition neuBROW and neuCONTOUR™ gift set — only available during the Holiday Season! The Brow Lover's Gift Set includes one neuBROW (3.6 mL) and one shade of neuCONTOUR™ (3 g).

Lash Lover's Gift Set

The best duo since silver & gold! Save $30 on this 24-hour lash care gift set featuring neuLASH® and neuMASCARA™ ONLY during the Holiday Season! The Lash Lover's Gift Set includes one neuLASH® (3.2 mL) and one neuMASCARA™ (3.6 g).

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A complexion that sparkles

Polish your skin to a shine brighter than the dazzle of the holiday season

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Less time styling. More time smiling.

Holiday songs. Holiday hair. Max the volume on both this holiday.

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